Viral Video Biryani Vessel Floating On Hyderabad Streets Leaves Internet In Splits| Watch Here Why

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Hyderabad: In a rather bizarre yet funny incident, a big biryani vessel, locally known as degchi, was captured floating on the water that had flooded the streets of Hyderabad following heavy rain. A video recently surfaced on the internet depicting the vessel making its way through the inundated streets while the bystanders can be heard cracking up. The city of the Nizams, Hyderabad, has been witnessing heavy, intermittent rains for the past few days.Also Read – Viral Video: Bihar Govt School Students Seen Chopping Wood & Cutting Stones, Disciplinary Action Ordered | Watch

Rains call for some good snacking, and in Hyderabad, biryani is one of the most sought-after dishes. While people in Hyderabad took shelter under local food outlets to avoid the flooded streets, this empty vessels were seen rowing through its own path, and no one is seen even trying to stop it from floating ahead.

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The video thus captured shows how this degchi drifts away on streets inundated with rain water. The city which boasts of specialising in serving one of the best biryanis, the world-famous Hyderabadi Biryani, got a good laugh out of this video with floating degchi that was shot a few days back at Adiba Hotel near Shastripuram area in Hyderabad.

Phew, to the fact that it had did not have any food! That would have been hurtful to see your biryani float away!

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