No Terror Angle, Boat With AK-47s Seized Near Maharashtra Belongs To Australian, Says Devendra Fadnavis

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Mumbai: An hour after a boat with three AK-47 rifles and bullets was found off the Raigad coast in Maharashtra, state Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis said there is no confirmation of any terror angle as the boat has just drifted in Mumbai. However, he said he is not ruling out anything and the team is investigating all aspects. He further added that the police have been asked to be on high alert.Also Read – 26/11 Like Terror Attack Averted? High Alert In Raigad After ‘Oman’ Boat With Assault Rifles, Live Ammos Found Near Coast

“There is no confirmation of any terror angle. The boat has just drifted in Mumbai. We are not ruling out anything, investigating all aspects. Police have been asked to be on high alert,” Fadnavis said. Also Read – CNG Price Slashed By Rs 4 In Pune City: Check Revised Rate Here

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The Maharashtra deputy CM said that the boat belongs to an Australian citizen and its engine broke out in the sea, people were rescued by a Korean boat. He added that the boat has now reached Harihareshwar beach. “Keeping in mind the coming festive season, police and administration have been instructed to be prepared,” he stated.

Giving more information, Fadnavis said three AK 47 rifles were found on the boat and in a half-broken condition, the boat came towards Kokan coast due to high tide. “The central agencies have been informed. No possibilities of any consequences would be taken lightly,” Fadnavis said.

Earlier in the day, a boat with three AK-47 rifles and bullets was found off the Raigad coast in Maharashtra. According to officials, the crew members of this boat had been rescued in June this year near the Oman coast.

It later drifted and grounded ashore, a Coast Guard official said. Some locals spotted the boat, having no crew member, in Shrivardhan area, located more than 190 km from Mumbai, and alerted security agencies.

Raigad Superintendent of Police Ashok Dudhe and other senior officials rushed the spot and searched the boat.

The arms vendor has been contacted and the serial numbers of the weapons found onboard match with the ones missing from the vendor’s inventory, the official said and added that the yacht was badly damaged and partly submerged after being battered by the monsoon winds.

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