Hyderabad Fish Prasadam Cancelled For Third Time in Row

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Hyderabad: The fish prasadam (offering) distribution which was scheduled to be held in Hyderabad has been cancelled for the third time in a row due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The host, Bathani Goud Family, has decided to call off the annual event again this year due to the surge in covid cases in the country.Also Read – PM Modi to Inaugurate India’s Biggest Drone Festival at Pragati Maidan on May 27

According to news agency IANS, quoting Goud, said that the family has decided not to organise distribution as a measure of abundant precaution, albeit the pandemic is still under control. Also Read – Mango Lovers, Prepare To Get Your Sweet Tooth Satisfied At The Mango Festival Of India 2022

In an endeavor to herald the commencement of the monsoon season (first week of June), the Goud Family is believed to incorporate the ‘wonder bug’ on ‘ Mrigasira Karti’. People travel far and wide from around the Indian subcontinent in order to receive this ‘fish prasadam’ in Hyderabad. Also Read – PM Modi In Hyderabad Today, Traffic Restrictions Announced In Parts Of City; Know Routes To Avoid

People with asthma gulp a live amurrel fish wrapped in yellow herbal paste. If taken for three years in a row, it is believed to provide relief to people from their respiratory problems. The Bathani Goud family has the option to give the medicine with jaggery for vegetarians.

While this event has been a point of controversy for its efficacy in recent years, there still remains a congregation who attend it in the hope to find some morsel of relief from their respiratory problems. Nonetheless, the controversies have affected the numbers.

Each year elaborate arrangements are made by respective government departments for this annual event. It is held in the Exhibition Grounds of the city. Till two decades ago the ceremony took place at their ancestral house in Doodhbowli in the old city. The venue was shifted for better crowd management on advise from the government.

The Goud Family is renowned for its legacy of distributing medicine free for the past 175 years. They claim that their ancestors were given the formula for herbal medicine by a saint. It was given to them after taking an oath to administer it for free.

(With inputs from IANS)

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