Elderly Noida Couple Forced To Live On Stairs Finally Got Their Flat What Do Tenancy Laws Say

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Greater Noida/Uttar Pradesh: Nearly a week after living on stairs outside their home in a society here, the elderly couple finally entered their flat last night. For the unversed, the couple—Sunil Kumar and Rakhi Gupta was forced to stay on the stairs with all their belongings after a tenant, a woman refused to vacate their apartment in Shri Radha Sky Garden Society in Greater Noida’s Sector 16B. However now, the tenant Priti Gupta has agreed to vacate the flat but has sought 24 hours to remove her belongings. The couple reportedly has agreed to her request.Also Read – This Greater Noida Society Residents Are Using Wooden Planks to Cross Over Between 2 Towers. Here’s Why

Taking to Twitter, Rakhi Gupta expressed gratitude towards those who extended their help in getting back her flat. She wrote, “Namaste, I want to let each one of you know how grateful we are for your tremendous support. I wish to inform that Priti Gupta has allowed us to enter our own house on 28th July at 9:30 PM and keep our belongings inside the house instead of the corridor. I feel very humbled to thank each media personnel, who supported us, our beloved society members, our friends and all our well wishers on this platform. We pray that she leaves the flat as she promised tomorrow 29th July 2022.” Also Read – Video: 2 Arrested For Performing ‘Car Stunt’ Outside Girls’ Hostel in Greater Noida

Gupta had claimed that the tenant refused to vacate the flat even after the expiry of rent agreement. The landlady said that she along with her husband Sunil Kumar arrived in Greater Noida from Mumbai on July 19 hoping to finally settle down in the city at their own apartment but the tenant has refused to vacate the house. And, they were compelled to live on the stairs. Also Read – American Woman With Expired Visa Stages Assault, Abuse To Blackmail Parents Back In USA: Delhi Police

The couple said that they had approached police, but to no avail. “Police also came to make the tenant understand but that also didn’t work”, she added.

Model Tenancy Act

An act to establish Rent Authority to regulate renting of premises and to protect the interests of landlords and tenants and provide speedy adjudication mechanism for resolution of disputes and matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.


  • A tenant shall not be evicted during the continuance of the tenancy agreement unless otherwise agreed to in writing by the landlord and tenant, except in accordance with the provisions of subsection (2) or in accordance with the provisions of section 22.
  • The Rent Court may, on an application made to it by the landlord in such manner as may be prescribed, make an order for eviction and recovery of possession of the premises on one or more of the following grounds, namely: –
    (a) that the tenant does not agree to pay the rent payable under section 8
    (b) that the tenant has not paid the arrears of rent and other charges payable in full as specified in sub-section (1) of section 13 for two consecutive months, including interest for delayed payment as may be specified in the tenancy agreement within a period of one month from the date of service of notice of demand for payment of such arrears of rent and other charges payable to the landlord in the manner provided in sub-section (4) of section 106 of the Transfer of Property Act, 1882
    (c) that the tenant has, after the commencement of this Act, parted with the possession of whole or any part of the premises.

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