Delhi Brain Dead Patient Gives New Lease On Life To 5 People

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New Delhi: A 36-year-old brain dead patient’s kin donated his organs and gave a new lease on life to as many as five people. Amresh Chand, a resident from Uttar Pradesh, had sustained severe head injury after being hit by an auto rickshaw on July 27. He was rushed to the trauma centre and was operated, but declared brain dead the next day. Further, a team of doctors and transplant coordinators at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), counselled his family members to donate his organs. The entire procedure of organ retrieval and transplantation started at 11.30 pm on Friday and went on till noon on Saturday.Also Read – Old Liquor Policy Makes A Comeback In Delhi: What Changes From August 1

Liver, kidneys, heart and lungs donated

His liver was transplanted in a patient suffering from liver cancer. Of the two kidneys, one was transplanted in a patient at AIIMS, while the other was given to the Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences through National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organisation (NOTTO). The donated heart was allocated to R&R hospital. Liver, lungs and one kidney was transplanted in recipients at AIIMS Delhi itself.

“The effective coordination between the treating doctors ,ORBO coordinators, transplant team, forensic department, various organ retrieval teams and the police department made the entire process seamless and smooth that has resulted in saving five young lives,” said AIIMS.

Dr Aarti Vij, the Head of the Organ Transplant and Retrieval Organisation at AIIMS Delhi said, “It is very sad to see a young life lost like this. Amresh’s family has suffered an irreplaceable loss, but their willingness to donate his organs and light others lives bears testimony to the fact that goodness prevails even at the darkest of times”.

AIIMS, Delhi conducts second lung transplant

AIIMS, Delhi, successfully conducted its second lung transfer in a 50-year-old woman on Saturday. This was a second lung transfer conducted at the hospital in less than three months. The first one was carried out in May earlier in the year and the patient is reportedly recovering well.

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