Bizarre Youth in West Bengals Durgapur Are Using Flavoured Condoms to Get High Heres How

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Durgapur: The sale of flavoured condoms have dramatically increased in West Bengal’s Durgapur, perplexing local shopkeepers. Turns out a few youths in the district are using them not as contraceptives, but as substances to get intoxicated. According to a News 18 report, some students in West Bengal’s Durgapur have become addicted to using condoms. Confused? Well, they have been soaking the condoms in hot water and drinking the liquid. And the result is a high that lasts for 10 to 12 hours!Also Read – Viral Video: Chess-Playing Robot Breaks Boy’s Finger During Tournament in Moscow. Watch

Notably, the sale of flavored condoms has drastically increased in various parts of Durgapur such as Durgapur City Center, Bidhannagar, Benachiti, Muchipara, C Zone, A Zone. Shopkeepers of a medical shop in Durgapur told News 18, “Earlier three to four packets of condoms were sold per shop per day. And now a pack of condoms are disappearing from a store.”

Dheeman Mandal, who works at Durgapur Divisional Hospital, explained the reason for this bizarre addiction and said: “Condoms contain aromatic compounds. It breaks down to form alcohol. It is addictive. This aromatic compound is also found in dendrites glue. So many people use dendrite for addiction also.” A Durgapur RE College Model School chemistry teacher Nurul Haque also opined the same and explained that soaking condoms in hot water for a long time breaks down large organic molecules and creates alcohol compounds.

Meanwhile, the local administration has become concerned about the sharp increase in condom demand. With this condoms join the list of other easily available items used for addiction such as cough syrup, hand sanitiser, aftershave, sniffing glue, paint, nail polish, whiteners. West Bengal police is yet to comment on the issue.

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