Bihar Girl Walks To School For 1 Km On 1 Leg, Sonu Sood Plays Saviour Again. Watch Viral Video

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Viral News: A touching story of a girl from Bihar’s Jamui is taking the internet by storm as she walks to her school every day on one leg. Seema is now winning the hearts of countless netizens who are praising the 10-year-old girl for her zeal and passion for education.Also Read – Viral Video: Man Holds Out Berries, Goat Comes Running From Forest With Baby Monkey. Watch

A video went viral on social media where Seem could be seen travelling to the village school, which is one kilometer away from her house, by walking on a single leg. The video shared on Twitter shows Seema hopping on one leg barefoot in her school uniform and backpack. Also Read – Viral Video: ITBP Jawans Play Drop The Handkerchief Game After Fresh Snowfall in Himachal. Watch

While her story has inspired many netizens, politicians and celebs are also taking note of the courageous girl. Bollywood actor Sonu Sood, who is known for jumping into action to help people in a crisis, saw this video and decided to help Seema. In a tweet in Hindi, Sonu Sood has promised that Seema will go to school on both her legs soon. He said that he is sending her a ticket implying that he will help her get a prosthetic leg. Also Read – Viral Video: Man Climbs Up 6 Floors With Bare Hands To Save Little Girl Dangling From Window | Watch

The actor tweeted saying, “Ab yeh apne ek nahi dono pairon par kood kar sckool jaygi. Ticket bhej raha hoon, chaliye dono pairon par chalne ka samay aa gaya. (Now she will go to school by jumping on not one but both feet. I am sending the ticket, the time has come to walk on two feet.)”

Watch the viral video below:

Seema, who wants to be a teacher when she grows up, lost a leg in an accident two years ago after which her leg had to be amputated. But that didn’t break her spirit as she continues to make her parents proud with her passion for studying and going to school despite her disability. Her teachers also help her out by providing her books and helping her enroll in the school.

Delhi Chief Minister also shared Seema’s viral video on his Twitter saying it made him emotional. Kejriwal expressed the need for good education for every child and how governments should work towards making sure each and every child has access to good education.

Inspiring, isn’t it?

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