Apple Releases iOS 16 Beta 4: Here’s All You Need to Know

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New Delhi: American technology giant Apple Inc has released the fourth version of iOS develop beta. The latest version brings more iOS 16 features on the iPhone for beta testers. As per a 9to5Mac report, “iOS 16 introduces the ability to edit and unsend iMessages for the first time – but with certain limitations. iOS 16 beta 4 tightens those limitations even further.”Also Read – Stadia Not Shutting Down: Google Denies Claim, Says ‘Bringing More Great Games to Platform’

Apple’s latest beta update “contains a handful of new features and changes involving the messages app, home app, mail app, lock screen notifications” and etc. according to MacRumours report. Also Read – Google Rejected This Man 39 Times, But He Kept Trying. He Was Finally Hired On His 40th Attempt!

Meanwhile, as per The Verge report, the “edit history addresses a major omission from Apple’s original implementation of iMessage editing.” The report further highlighted that “without a history, the edit feature could theoretically be used to change malicious or mean messages after they were sent.” Also Read – Facebook Parent Meta Posts First Revenue Decline in History

The latest version was seeded for developers with new features involving Apple’s Messages app, Home app, Mail, Screen notifications, CarPlay and more.

Here are the top iOS 16 features that are now available for beta testers:

  • iOS 16 beta 4 changes and features
  • iOS 16 beta 4 has added new limits for the edit and unsend features in Messages.
  • The time limit for unsending messages has dropped from 15 minutes to 2 minutes.
  • According to, the users will now limited to 5 edits and each edit is visible to the receiver.
  • iOS 16 beta 4 adds support for letting developers test the new Live Activities feature, which adds live notifications to the Lock Screen.
  • The users will now be able to customize the amount of time you have to unsend an email in the Mail app
  • With new iOS 16 beta 4, there will be multiple new wallpaper options for CarPlay, which you can download for any of your devices in our original coverage
  • There are new graphics in the Settings app that show the difference between the stack, count, and list notification display options.
  • New iOS 16 beta 4 will enable the users to adjust the volume of a song in the Music app, the volume bar now gets larger as you change it.
  • The Now Playing interface on the Lock Screen has been tweaked with bolder graphics and fonts.
  • On the Lock Screen in iOS 16 beta 4, there’s a new “Add Widget” text to make it clear where widgets are supported.

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