Anuj, Saans Lete Rahiyega… MaAn Fans Cry With Anupama as She Prays For Anuj Kapadia Recovery

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Anupama Written Update, August 12: After the latest episode, the fans couldn’t help but feel pity for Anupama who is currently dealing with a huge loss as her husband lies unconscious following a major accident. The fans of the show are worried to see Rupali investing so much of herself in these emotionally draining scenes as an actor. Many #MaAn fans have been busy sending wishes and prayers her way as Anupama continues to fight the biggest battle ever – getting Anuj Kapadia back to life.Also Read – Anupamaa: Anuj-Anupama to be Thrown Out of Kapadia House? – Deets Inside

One scene that has particularly appealed to the audience from the latest episode shows Anupama trying to hold Anuj’s face when the doctor asks her to not touch him before the surgery. At that moment, she looks at an unconscious Anuj with tears welling up in her eyes. Anupama tries to keep a strong face and tells Anuj that he has to come back from the surgery and he has to keep breathing for her. “Saans lete rahiyega, Anuj…” she says and in that one scene, the fans go emotional realising the depth of Rupali Ganguly’s performance and the purity of Anupama’s relationship. Also Read – Anupamaa: New Samar Aka Sagar’s Latest Video With Rupali Ganguly Goes Viral, Fans Hail Mother-Son Duo | WATCH

Check how the #MaAn fans are reacting to the emotional scene from the latest episode of Anupamaa:

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Meanwhile, several theories are floating around regarding Anuj’s accident on the cliff. Both he and Vanraj Shah are having a big argument when both of them fall off the cliff and get seriously injured. The fans believe that it wasn’t actually Vanraj who pushed Anuj off the cliff but his own brother Ankush Kapadia and Adhik who planned to end Anuj’s life. One theory suggests that when Ankush and Adhik pushed Anuj off the cliff, they also had to push Vanraj when he tried to save Anuj.

In the current track though, all the fingers get raised at Vanraj after he whispers about the accident in Anupama’s ears and says he pushed Anuj off the cliff but never makes the full confession about the accident. Baa and others then fold their hands in front of Anupama to not report Vanraj to the police.

Seems like the upcoming episodes are full of struggle, grief, challenges and sacrifices for Anupama. Will she be able to make Anuj get back to normalcy? Will she be able to manage the Kapadia empire the way Anuj had asked her to do? Will they get to know what exactly happened at the cliff between Anuj and Vanraj? Watch this space for all the latest updates on Anupamaa!

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