Amazon Hikes Prime Subscription in UK; Check Rates In Other Countries

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London: Amazon is set to raise its Prime subscription prices by up to a whopping 43 per cent in the UK and Europe from September this year — first such increase in the UK since 2014. In an email to customers blaming “increased inflation and operating costs” for the hike, the e-commerce giant said that its annual Prime subscription will jump 20 per cent in the UK from 79 pounds to 95 pounds from September 15, reports The Verge.Also Read – Samsung To Unveil New Foldable Phones Next Month | Details Here

Check Amazon Prime Subscription Rate in Other Countries

  • Whether Amazon Prime will increase the subscription in India is yet to be seen. In India, Amazon has over 22 million users and the company is rolling out a major redesign for Prime Video.
  • In France, the subscription has been hiked by 43 per cent from 49 euros per year to 69.90 euros.
  • Amazon will also hike prices in Spain and Italy by 39 percent annually.
  • Germany will see an annual 30 per cent rise. Earlier, the company hiked Prime costs in the US to $139 per year, up from the previous $119.

Amazon Prime includes fast shipping, access to sales, and free movie/TV streaming in most markets. Amazon is also increasing the monthly cost of Prime in European markets, by 1 pound or 1 euro per month. The price change announcement came before Amazon was set to post its Q2 earnings results on July 28, 2022. Also Read – Samsung to Launch Galaxy M13 Series in India on July 14; Check Features Here

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